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Our website is updated in real time with photos, discounts, videos of our vehicles and more!

Consult our new and used inventory to choose your next Ford.

Click on the "Express Checkout" button to start calculating your payments and start the online purchase process.

No obligation, no commitment.

But if you wish, be aware that you could be a few steps away from your new acquisition!

The "Express Checkout" button allows you to calculate your payments according to your interests and your budget.

You can select purchase or rental options, adding a deposit, term, payment method (monthly or bi-monthly) and more.

Manufacturer's discounts add to the calculation, as does the rate.

With just a few clicks, you'll get the essential information you need to confirm that your dream vehicle is right for your budget.

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2 Exchange evaluation

Our team of experts is able to assess your exchange vehicle remotely.

With a short form and precise answers, we can establish the market price of your vehicle and offer you a competitive price.

Our Used Department welcomes all makes, models and ranges of vehicles.

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3 Credit approval

Your financing is our specialty.

Our expertise is confirmed, our evaluation is complete and flawless, and our new system at the cutting edge of technology allows us to offer you an answer in 90 seconds.

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4 Deposit, signature, delivery.

A specialist will contact you to take the information relating to your deposit to reserve your vehicle.

He can schedule a test drive at home if you wish.

If you want to take action faster, our specialist can schedule an appointment to have you sign the official documents and deliver your new vehicle to your home.

Our processes are secure and contactless.

Ready, set... GO!

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