What is the Clé Verte® Environmental Certification?

440 Ford Lincoln Laval now offers car services certified Clé Verte, the voluntary environmental certification program for automotive repair shops (cars and light- or heavy-duty trucks). Car manufacturers and dealers have an important role to play in the environment. This is why, at 440 Ford Lincoln Laval, we have undergone a rigorous process to ensure that we comply with environmental standards.   Clé Verte®, a Nature-Action Québec program, aims to increase the level of environmental respect in the automotive sector. Thanks to the partners involved, Clé Verte® enables dealers such as 440 Ford Lincoln Laval to ensure best environmental practices.

Why the Clé Verte®?

In a dealership like ours, we have to dispose of different materials and different waste every day, from changing the oil to replacing the battery, we do a lot of maintenance or repairs that create a lot of residual materials. In order to ensure compliance with environmental standards, nothing should be left to chance: through training and exams, the Clé Verte® program allows us to adhere to best practices. We all have a role to play in reducing waste and we want to comply with best environmental practices!

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What is the advantage of the Clé Verte®?

The Clé Verte® program applies a world-renowned process: one certification, one standard. With the help of its partners, Clé Verte® makes it possible to measure compliance with the requirements by the participating car workshops.   Clé Verte® offers peace of mind to consumers who want to make sure they are purchasing environmentally responsible, no more unanswered questions and obscure, meaningless certifications.   Clé Verte® brings clear requirements that are recognized worldwide.

For our customers

For our customers at 440 Ford Lincoln Laval, the Clé Verte® certification brings an important level of certainty. It’s one thing to talk about environmental measures, but it’s another thing to comply with.   Our loyal customers now have the confidence that we meet the highest environmental standards in the world. Our philosophy is based on transparency and respect, it goes without saying that we honor our word when it comes to the environment.   We want to be part of the solution to current environmental challenges.


Concretely, each time you go to 440 Ford Lincoln Laval, either to purchase a vehicle, for an oil change, or for a battery replacement, you will know that our processes are carried out in compliance with the environment.   We have been trained and tested to stringent requirements, so we hold the Clé Verte® certification due to our excellence in these requirements. We leave nothing to chance, just like you when purchasing your vehicle.   Want to shop for your next Ford or Lincoln vehicle? Come visit us at 440 Ford Lincoln Laval!  

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