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    For your best car credit: 440 Ford Lincoln in Laval

    440 Ford Lincoln, Ford credit and discount loan experts, has been established in Laval and has served the northern crown of Montreal since 2008, after the merger of Deslauriers Ford Lincoln and Chomedey Ford, two companies highly respected during their 40 years of operations.

    Ford Credit Retailer

    In addition to being a recognized Ford and Lincoln retailer, we are Ford auto credit experts; so we offer you financing solutions of the 2nd chance and 3rd chance type, whatever the current state of your car loan.

    A team of auto finance specialists

    At all times, we provide you with a team of qualified specialists who will be able to get you a car loan at the best rate on the market. Our combined expertise in alternative financing and the automobile market makes us your best partners in obtaining a Ford loan on the North Shore of Montreal.

    Whatever your credit, we will establish your car financing

    Even if this is your first car and you have never borrowed, we can help you.

    Don't be shy to contact one of our personal finance advisers right away. You can leave our showroom behind the wheel of your Ford or Lincoln.

    With us, your credit is always 100% approved.