Comparaison des VUS : Ford Explorer 2021 vs Honda Pilot 2021


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The 2021 Ford Explorer and the 2021 Honda Pilot are two of the main contenders to be the top SUV this year. Both vehicles offer plenty of space for passengers, as well as the latest in entertainment and safety technology. While this is by no means obvious at first glance, we believe there is a clear winner between the two.

SUV Comparison: 2021 Ford Explorer vs 2021 Honda Pilot

Features of the Ford Explorer 2021

All 2021 Ford Explorers except the base model can accommodate 7 people, with plenty of room for everyone. There is up to 18.2 cubic feet of storage space in the back, even with all the seats up, and that can be expanded to a whopping 87.8 cubic feet. The base engine develops 300 horsepower, with options up to 400 horsepower twin-turbo V6. All V6 options come with all-wheel drive as standard. The V6 has an impressive fuel economy of 11.75 liters per 100 km, with the hybrid option offering an astonishing 8.4 liters per 100 km.Features of the Ford Explorer 2021Technology is not lacking with the 2021 Ford Explorer, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Built-in Wi-Fi comes standard, along with an impressive sound system. More importantly, a host of safety features such as automatic emergency braking, lane assist and blind spot monitoring make the Ford Explorer 2021 a safe and modern SUV.

Features of the Honda Pilot 2021

If there’s one area where the Honda Pilot stands out, it’s seating. The options include seats for seven or eight in the three rows of the SUV. Of course, this comes at the cost of reduced cargo space. The Honda Pilot has only 16.5 cubic feet with the seats up and only 82.1 cubic feet with the seats down. The 3.5-liter V6 produces 280 horsepower, a far cry from the power of the base and premium Explorer options. The reduced power is accompanied by a slightly improved fuel economy of 10.2 liters per 100 km.

Features of the Honda Pilot 2021

The Honda Pilot also has an assortment of safety features, including forwarding collision detection and adaptive cruise control. Features such as blind-spot monitoring are included in higher models. The Pilot has an 8-inch screen similar to the Explorer, also integrating Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Which SUV is right for you?

Which SUV is right for you. The 2021 Ford Explorer or the 2021 Honda Pilot

Now that you know a little more about vehicles, it’s time to make your decision. The Honda Pilot is arguably the least powerful vehicle. Anyone looking for a heavy duty vehicle would be better off with the Ford Explorer 2021. There is also a much wider choice of models with the Ford Explorer, leaving something for everyone. The Honda Pilot has one more seat than the Explorer, but that’s hardly a compromise for the drastic drop in horsepower and torque. Overall, the 2021 Ford Explorer is quite simply the most versatile and practical choice for the modern SUV driver. [show_inventory make=”ford” model=”explorer” year=”2020,2021″ carousel=”false”] 

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