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Ford F-150 for sale in Laval (on the North Shore of Montreal)

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= "Looking for a solid truck with outstanding capacities on the North Shore of Montreal? Come discover the 2020 F-150 right now at 440 Ford!";

 The F-Series from Ford remains the one that sets all records in Canada: lineup of vehicles with the highest number of sales in Canada for nine consecutive years and range of pickups that is again top-selling in the country for 53 consecutive years (2018); nothing will resist the Ford F-Series. And its most popular model, the F-150, plays a big role in the success of these Dearborn-made pickups.

Lines that inspire respect and sturdiness everywhere in the Greater Montreal!

Our new F-150 trucks close to Montreal all have a common characteristic: they match the job’s description, no matter how hard. Large-sized grille flanked on each side by headlights that seem sculpted within the body, cubic volumes, oversized build and increased ground clearance: F-150 for sale in Laval intimidates as much as it reassures as for its capacity to face every situation that could occur between Terrebonne and Blainville. And if that’s not enough for you, you could also opt for magnificent large-sized sport wheels to enhance the strong man looks that they all present. Hence, the observation is simple: the Ford F-150 shows its mettle straight away through its lines and you can thus rely on it, no matter the task you must accomplish together in the Greater Montreal.

Capacities that are up to its style, and without equal between Terrebonne and Laval.

One does not become a member of the best-selling range of trucks across Canada by chance. Exceptional capacities must be offered to be worthy of the Ford truck name. And on this subject, the 2020 F-150 for sale in Laval has everything it needs to be part of the F-Series from Ford. Indeed, each of the engines proposed on our new F-150 pickups close to Laval provide high-calibre performances. You will indeed be able to equip your future Ford truck with a 2.7L EcoBoost engine that develops 325 horsepower. If that’s not enough, you can also opt for another EcoBoost engine of 3.5 litres generating 375 horsepower and providing the Ford truck with a towing capacity of 13,200 pounds. A 3.0L Power Stroke Turbo Diesel, highly fuel-efficient, is also available, as well as the inescapable 5.0L V8 engine of 395 horsepower. As for the V6 with a displacement of 3.3 litres, it will easily carry out daily tasks. But if heavy-duty sport is what you need, don’t panic. Ford thought of you with the outstanding 3.5L EcoBoost engine that equips the F-150 Raptor, which will offer you, with its 450 hp, astonishing performances on any trail worthy of that name in the Greater Montreal. And besides this, all of our 2020 F-150 pickups close to Terrebonne can of course be outfitted with an all-wheel drive, which will allow you to count on the prowess of your Ford truck all year long.

Very comfortable interior equipped with the latest Ford technologies in Laval.

The sense of sturdiness also continues in the interior, with materials and configurations designed for maximum durability. But unlike what we usually expect from trucks where comfort is secondary, the Ford F-150 for sale in Laval puts the well-being of its occupants first. By choosing one of our new F-150 trucks close to Montreal, you will enjoy, depending on the version, a blind-spot monitoring system, heated power seats, a sunroof with dual panels or the Apple CarPlay/Android Auto smartphone interface, which will allow you to interact with your phone. You will hence have everything you need to travel comfortably in both winter and summer on board your 2020 F-150 between Terrebonne and Blainville. So contact us right now at 440 Ford, your Ford dealer on the North Shore of Montreal located in Laval, to learn more about our new Ford F-150 pickups close to Montreal! No matter where you are coming from in the Greater Montreal area, you will not be disappointed when discovering our Ford trucks. Once on location, you will be able to find out about our Ford promotions, and to discover our financing or leasing programs, which will help you leave our dealership at the wheel of YOUR own F-150. You will also be able to look at our used F-150 trucks available for sale, and even take a look at the services offered at our Ford Service department. Come by to see us today!