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AVAILABLE IN 2020-2021


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AVAILABLE IN 2020-2021


Fusion Energy

Are you looking for a green vehicle that will offer a good autonomy, but also peace of mind to help reduce the polluting effects of regular vehicles? The Ford Fusion Energy is the greatest choice for you. It offers you comfort, safety, technology and more. Discover it here and learn more about its features, consumption, charging options, benefits and government discounts.

Starting at

30 015 $

Government discounts

Federal: $ 2,500 discount

Provincial: $ 4,000 rebate

Other available discounts

440 Ford Laval Discounts

Rebates at Ford Canada

$500 off first buyer

$500 off new graduates

Main features of the Fusion Energy 2019

Available in SEL and Titanium

Batterie life of 42 km in the 100% electric mode

Capacity 5 passengers

3 modes of operation

EV Now Mode

Vehicle operates mostly using plug-in power

Auto EV Mode

Vehicle uses plug-in power when possible and switches to gas engine when needed.

EV Later mode

Vehicle saves plug-in power for future use. For example, initial drive is at higher speed on highway, but later driving will be at lower speeds in residential areas.

Fuel consumption:

2.3 L / 100 km

Recharging mode :

With the 240 volt terminal, the recharging time is about 2h30 minutes

With a domestic plug, the charging time is 7 hours

Available soon in hybrid mode.

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