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Le système d’échappement Roush à Laval, le Grand Montréal


The Roush exhaust system

The Roush exhaust system will turn heads with its stunning rumble. Sign of peerless performance, the Roush Exhaust will attract attention, be sure.

Every time you hit the throttle, the unique notes of the Roush exhaust system are sure to put a smile on your face. And this, whether driving the Mustang Roush, the F150 Roush, the Raptor Roush, the Ranger Roush, or any other Roush vehicle available to impress your eyes and ears.


Roush sells the Roush exhaust system that will transform your vehicle into an impressive car whose performance is unmatched. He will turn it into a refined racing car while reminding us that a monster hides under its sought-after looks.

The purr of your machine will be heard by all in your path. Thanks to the Roush exhaust system, your vehicle will present you on an aggressive footing. You will certainly stand out thanks to the Roush Exhaust. This distinctive purr will turn heads all around you, so you won't go unnoticed.

Roush Enterprises


Roush Enterprises is a world-renowned supplier of automotive parts and product development services to leaders in the global automotive industry. Their products represent over fifty years of experience, development and passion in the automotive industry. Jack Roush, the founder of Les Entreprises Roush, engineer and car racing enthusiast, has distinguished himself thanks to his approach focused on finding solutions and his tenacity. Today, these qualities are found in every Roush part you order for your vehicle. A Roush part, such as the Roush exhaust, represents a piece of this automotive passion that inhabits lovers of motor racing and cars such as the Ford Mustang and the F150

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