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Compresseur Roush | 440 Ford Laval


Roush Compressor

You have a competitive spirit, the Roush supercharger and its Roush Supercharger Belt will make your car unique and propel you to the highest echelons.


Roush introduces three different compressor stages for the Ford Mustang and Roush Mustang. While for the F150, two phases are available. Upgrades are also offered for those who want to amplify the compressor already installed.

Mustang Roush


In the Mustang, the Roush Stage 2 supercharger delivers 750 horsepower and blistering 0-100 km acceleration in 3.6 seconds . This can only impress the viewer!

Ford F150


As for the Ford F150, the compressor can take you to your destination in unique comfort while facing the most difficult conditions. Imagine yourself on an off-road trail, the supercharger will get you there every time, whether it's in the Ford Mustang Roush or under the hood of the Super Duty, or not forgetting, the F150. No matter the vehicle, the engine won't let you down.

Roush Enterprises


Roush Enterprises is a world-renowned supplier of automotive parts and product development services to the world's largest automotive industry, including Ford dealerships. Their products represent over fifty years of experience and development to achieve the pinnacle of automotive parts. Thanks to the passion of its founder, the engineer Jack Roush , Roush parts, such as the Roush Supercharger, will transform your simple vehicle into a frantic speedster.

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