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Ford vehicles can count on numerous technologies in terms of safety, commodities and entertainment. Whether you opt for a Focus, an Escape, a F-150 or any other 2019 Ford vehicle, Ford technologies will be numerous on board your vehicle and will not only make your travels more interesting, but also safer. Would you like to know more on this subject? Come by 440 Ford, your Ford dealer of choice in Laval close to Blainville, Montreal and the West Island, and take this opportunity to find out about our current Ford financing offers and promotions! Let's take a more detailed look into the various commodities that you could enjoy aboard your Ford vehicle, which you can try on the North Shore of Montreal!


  1. MyView

Thanks to this functionality, you will be able to customize screens on your intelligent Ford SmartGauge dashboard to, for example, maximize braking energy regeneration on our hybrid models. The EcoGuide, for its part, will provide you with feedback on how energy-efficient your driving is by growing leaves and vines on your display. If, on the contrary, your driving habits show less energy-efficiency, the leaves will disappear. Let's bet that you won't be able to resist getting the most possible amount of leaves on your dashboard!

  1. 360-Degree Split-View Camera

With the help of 4 cameras, located respectively in the tailgate, in the grille and under each of the sideview mirrors, you will get a top-down view of the area around your vehicle. In addition, even if you are towing a trailer, you will be able to use this function! Come try it at 440 Ford in Laval, close to Blainville and Montreal!

  1. Parking Assist

This system functions with the help of 12 ultrasonic sensors that measure your distance from parked cars, scanning for suitable parking spaces and then, to top it all, helping you with your parking manoeuvres. All you have to do is shift, accelerate and brake and it takes care of the steering. Your vehicle will thus smoothly parallel park or reverse into a perpendicular spot almost by itself!

  1. Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection

As its name suggests, this system will alert you to pedestrians, cyclists or other vehicles entering your path and if necessary, can even engage the brakes to attenuate the force of an impact. How does it work? It's simple: the camera sensors as well as the radar will detect vehicles travelling in the same direction as yours, whether stopped or moving. It will alert you with a flash on the windshield as well as with an audible warning when it senses a potential collision approaching.

  1. Adaptive Cruise Control

By maintaining a constant distance with the vehicle in front of you, this system allows you to stay at a safe distance from it. If the radar detects that the traffic ahead is slowing, it will automatically slow down your vehicle, then resume the preset speed when the traffic will clear. Book your test drive at 440 Ford close to the North Shore of Montreal and the West Island to fully appreciate how this system functions!

  1. Curve Control

This function is designed to help you maintain control of your vehicle if it enters a curve and is travelling too quickly for the road conditions or the curve layout. First, engine torque will be decreased if it detects understeer and senses the vehicle may be losing control, and then it will apply the brakes to help slow you down.

  1. SYNC and FordPass

Be connected wherever you are! You will hence enjoy a Wi-Fi Hotspot able to connect 10 devices at the same time and this, up to a distance of 15 metres (50 ft) from your vehicle! The FordPass application, for its part, will allow you to keep an eye on your data usage. Drop by the dealership to find out more about the available data packages! What is more, this app will allow you, among others, to remote start your vehicle, to check its fuel level and even to look for a parking spot in the area!


As you can see, technologies do not lack on board our vehicles, whether it is a pickup, an SUV or a Ford performance model! To find out more about it, don't wait any longer and drop by 440 Ford in Laval, close to Montreal and the West Island! On location, our advisors will explain in detail the many technologies and commodities of our vehicles, as well as their advantages over the competition. Whether you live in Blainville or elsewhere on the North Shore of Montreal, come see us at 440 Ford!

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